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Talking to kids about COVID-19 in French


As expected, we’re seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases this fall. With new restrictions in place that impact our day-to-day and the way we interact with loved ones, it’s important to take the time to explain to our little ones just what is going on around them. To help you talk to your budding francophone about the coronavirus, this blog post will provide you with common vocabulary and expressions that you can use to talk to your kids about COVID-19 in French.

COVID-19 vocabulary for kids:

Coronavirus – le coronavirus

le coronavirus

COVID-19 – la COVID-19

la COVID-19

Virus – un virus

un virus

Mask – un masque

un masque

Soap – du savon

du savon

Water – de l’eau

de l’eau

Hands – les mains

les mains

Hand sanitizer – du désinfectant pour les mains

du désinfectant pour les mains

Face – le visage

le visage

Social distance – la distanciation sociale

la distanciation sociale

COVID-19 expressions for kids:

The expressions below will help you explain to your child what they should and shouldn’t do during the coronavirus pandemic.

We should wear a mask to protect ourselves from the virus.

Il faut porter un masque pour se protéger du virus.

COVID-19 in French

We have to wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Il faut bien se laver les mains avec de l’eau et du savon.

In the absence of soap and water, we can use hand sanitizer.

En l’absence d’eau et de savon, on peut utiliser du désinfectant pour les mains.

We must respect social distancing.

Il faut respecter la distanciation sociale.

We shouldn’t touch our face.

Il ne faut pas se toucher le visage.

Children’s book on COVID-19 in French:

If you’d like even more COVID-19 French vocabulary for kids and helpful information on the topic, this book does an excellent job of explaining to children what a virus is and how to navigate through the changes as a result of it.

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