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Black History Month Book: Nos Boucles Au Naturel

French kids' books

Did you know that February is Black history month? If you are teaching French to your child and are looking for books that feature black main characters, here are some great options to consider. Since most of these French kids’ books are aimed at children aged five and above, I decided to do some further research to find a book that would be suitable for my two-year-old daughter.

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I was so glad to stumble upon the French translation of Hair Love, Nos Boucles Au Naturel, by Matthew A Cherry.

Nos Boucles Au Naturel

French kids' books

The original version of this book, Hair Love, is based on an animated short film that features a dark-skinned, curly-haired girl named Zuri and her father.

While her mother is away, he has to make sure that her hair is styled perfectly for a special occasion.

This touching film and book, are a testament to the dedication and love of a father for his child, as well as an ode to curly hair.

Hair vocabulary in French

There are many positive adjectives in this French kids’ book that you will love introducing and practicing with your child, words that inspire confidence and pride. There are, of course, lots of hair-related vocabulary in French.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Proud – fier (masculine), fière (feminine)

fier, fière

Magnificent – magnifique


Beautiful – joli (masculine), jolie (feminine)

joli, jolie

Original – original (masculine), originale (feminine)

original, originale

Elegant – élégant (masculine), élégante (feminine)


Radiant – rayonnant (masculine), rayonnante (masculine)


Hair – cheveux


Beaded braids – tresses nouées de perles

tresses nouées de perles

Two puffs – deux pompoms

deux pompoms

Long hair – cheveux longs

cheveux longs

Short hair – cheveux courts

cheveux courts

Hairstyle – coiffure


Comb – peigne


To comb – peigner


To separate – séparer


To oil – huiler


To twist – torsader


Braided updo – chignons tréssés

Hair Love, the short film

I couldn’t find the French version of the short film, Hair Love, but it’s a great video to watch with your child.

What French kids’ books are you reading for Black History Month? Share your faves in the comments section below.

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