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French movement song for kids: La valse des foulards

french movement song for kids

My daughter is very interested in movement songs at the moment. In the mornings, when the caffeine still hasn’t kicked in, I often put on her “action songs” playlist on Spotify, and she immediately finds her scarves and starts twirling around and dancing to the music, giving me a few precious minutes to enjoy breakfast. La valse des foulards or The Scarves Waltz in English is a French movement song that is excellent for your budding francophone. It is full of action vocabulary, with verbs such as to turn, waltz, stop, hold, swing, wave, dance, clap, and more.

La valse des foulards lyrics (including the English translation)

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Tournez, tournez et agitez vos foulards
Valsez, valsez, attention ça repart
Tournez, tournez, chacun à sa façon
Valsez, valsez, maintenant arrêtons
Turn, turn and wave your scarves
Waltz, waltz, be careful, it starts again
Turn, turn, each in their own way
Waltz, waltz, now let’s stop
Tendez bien entre vos mains
Votre foulard, on se prépare
Balancez de chaque côté
Et sans danser, commencez
Hold tight in your hands
Your scarf, we are getting ready
Swing on either side
And without dancing, start
Vous prenez pour continuer
Un p’tit copain par une main
Vos foulards font au revoir
Et en musique on s’applique
You take to continue
A little friend by one hand
Your scarves are saying goodbye
And in music we apply ourselves
Vous posez tous à vos pieds
Votre foulard, on se sépare
Dans vos mains vous frappez bien
Et tous, chantons la chanson
You all lay at your feet
Your scarf, we are parting
In your hands, you clap well
And all, let’s sing the song
Sans se tromper, vous ramassez
Votre tissu, ne bougez plus
Puis chantez pour terminer
Tout en dansant joliment
Without making a mistake, you pick up
Your fabric, don’t move
Then sing to finish
While dancing beautifully

La valse des foulards video

What is your child’s favourite French movement song?

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