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The five senses in French: nursery rhyme

five senses in french

The five basic senses in French are: l’odorat (smell), la vue (sight), le toucher (touch), l’ouïe (hearing), and le goût (taste).

L’odorat Le nez
La vue Les yeux
Le toucher Les mains
L’ouïe Les oreilles
Le goût La bouche

If you’re looking for a fun nursery rhyme (comptine) that will teach your children about the five senses in French, “Les 5 Sens” by Ninon Linotte is one that I love.

“Les 5 Sens” by Ninon Linotte lyrics

Mon nez pour sentir les fleurs du jardin
Mes yeux pour voir tous les petits lapins
Les fleurs je les cueille avec mes mains
Au cœur du petit matin
Mes oreilles écoutent les oiseaux chanter
Ma bouche pour gouter les fruits de l’été
Avec mes 5 sens je découvre tout
Je raconterai à doudou
My nose to smell the flowers in the garden
My eyes to see all the little rabbits
The flowers I pick them with my hands
In the heart of the early morning
My ears listen to the birds sing
My mouth to taste the summer fruits
With my 5 senses I discover everything
I will tell teddy

Incorporating the comptine into your routine

For a musical morning, you can sing this song to your infant when they wake up. Touching the nose, eyes, hands, ears and mouth of your baby while singing provides gentle affection while enabling your child to connect the words with the body parts.

For toddlers, you can also make this song a part of your walking routine. You can play the audio on your phone and let them enjoy the melodic voice and soothing sounds or sing the song while your toddler is walking or enjoying their stroller ride. Depending on your child’s language development and fluency in French, they may even be able to join along for the fun!

Other activities to teach the five senses in French

How do you teach your toddler about the five senses? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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