Learning French through song and music Teaching French to kids

Music Day French learning activities for kids at home

Music Day French learning activities for kids at home

Music has a remarkable ability to captivate young minds and make language learning a joyful experience. With Music Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to harness the power of music and use it as a catalyst for your kids’ French learning journey right at home. In this blog post, I’ll share with you five exciting French learning activities that will not only keep your children engaged but also help them develop their language skills.

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French sing-along

Choose simple French nursery rhymes or children’s songs and have a sing-along session with your kids. Use gestures and actions to accompany the songs to make it interactive and fun. Singing familiar songs in French helps develop language skills and introduces vocabulary.

My kids can’t get enough of our this karaoke machine. With Bluetooth capability, we can easily connect my phone and access a wide range of French songs that they enjoy singing along to.

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Musical instrument exploration

Introduce your children to various musical instruments by showcasing pictures or toys representing different instruments. Let them explore and play with age-appropriate instruments like small keyboards, maracas, or tambourines. Encourage them to make sounds and explore the different rhythms.

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French dance party

Play upbeat French music and have a dance party with your little ones. Encourage them to move, dance, and mimic simple dance moves. Dancing to music helps improve motor skills, rhythm, and coordination while exposing them to the sounds of the French language.

Musical crafts

Engage your children in simple music-themed crafts. For example, create homemade shakers by filling plastic containers with rice or beans and sealing them tightly. Encourage your children to shake the instruments along with French songs, exploring rhythm and sound.

You can also use an arts and crafts set like this one where they can put together and decorate their own wind chime. It’s a simple and enjoyable activity that allows kids to express their artistic side while enjoying the delightful melodies of their handmade wind chimes.

Musical scavenger hunt

Create a musical scavenger hunt by hiding pictures or toys representing different musical instruments around the house. Give your children clues in French, guiding them to find each instrument. This activity combines language learning, music exploration, and problem-solving skills.

These five French learning activities provide a blend of music, movement, creativity, and language learning that young children will enjoy. I hope you have fun during these interactive experiences with your little ones and that they will foster their love for the French language.

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