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French terms of endearment for your child

French terms of endearment

Addressing your child using a French term of endearment is a wonderful way of incorporating the language of love into your daily conversations. If you’re wondering what to call your baby, here are ten loving French terms of endearment to use without moderation.

Mon bébé – my baby

Mon amour – my love

Mon chou – literally translates to “my cabbage” or “my cream puff”

Mon rayon de soleil – my ray of sunshine

Mon coeur – my heart

Ma puce – literally translates to “my flea”

Mon ange – my angel

Mon trésor – my treasure

Mon poussin – my little chick (as in baby chicken)

Mon chéri, ma chérie – my dear or my darling

mon chéri
ma chérie

Are there a few that you are naturally drawn to? Start addressing your little one with those French terms of endearment to start and then gradually try new ones. If you’re more comfortable expressing your affection in a different language, it may feel strange at first, but with time and practice, it will feel more and more authentic.

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Similar to English, adding “my little” to the term makes it that much cuter. In French, you can add “mon petit” or “ma petite” in front, depending on the gender of the word that follows.

  1. Mon petit bébé
  2. Mon petit amour
  3. Mon petit chou
  4. Mon petit rayon de soleil
  5. Mon petit coeur
  6. Ma petite puce
  7. Mon petit ange
  8. Mon petit trésor
  9. Mon petit poussin
  10. Mon petit chéri, ma petite chérie

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