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French playground equipment vocabulary

french playground equipment

If your kids are anything like mine, they absolutely adore the playground. It’s like their own magical kingdom where they can run, jump, and play to their heart’s content. I love watching their faces light up with excitement as we discover new playgrounds in our neighborhood. As a mom who cherishes every opportunity to teach my kids new things, I’ve found that introducing them to French playground vocabulary from a young age is a fantastic way to combine fun and learning. So, join me on this adventure as we explore the enchanting world of French playground equipment!

How do you say playground in French?

In French, playground is une aire de jeux or un terrain de jeu. Click on the audio links for the pronunciation of each word.

une aire de jeux
un terrain de jeu

Four popular playground equipment

Here are four popular playground equipment commonly found in most play areas that you can introduce to your kids in French.

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Swing – une balançoire

Ah, the joy of swinging back and forth! Kids simply adore the swings, and it’s a delight to see their faces light up with each push.

une balançoire

A baby swing is called une balançoire pour bébé in French.

Slide – un toboggan

From gentle slopes for the littlest ones to thrilling twists and turns for older kids, there’s a slide for every age group to enjoy. And my little adventurers can spend hours gleefully sliding down their slopes, giggling all the way.

Seesaw – une bascule

Seesaws bring smiles and laughter as kids go up and down, creating their own little rhythm. Mes petits trésors love the friendly competition of balancing on either end.

Spring rider – un jeu à ressort

When it comes to the spring riders, my youngest adores the adventure of climbing onto these on her own.

Verbs associated with French playground equipment

As your kids explore the different equipment, they can also discover a whole new set of verbs that bring their playtime to life.

To swing oneself – se balancer

To slide – glisser

To climb/get on – monter

To down/get off – descendre

To push – pousser

To wait for one’s turn – attendre son tour

To bounce – rebondir

To have fun – s’amuser

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