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French days of the week: La semaine des canards song

French days of the week

What are the days of the week in French? La semaine des Canards is a delightful French children’s song that effortlessly teaches your French learners the days of the week in French.

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In French, une semaine refers to a week.

une semaine

The days of the week in French are: lundi (Monday), mardi (Tuesday), mercredi (Wednesday), jeudi (Thursday), vendredi (Friday), samedi (Saturday), and dimanche (Sunday).

Note that in French, the first letter of the days of the week isn’t capitalized like it is in English.

French lyrics and English translation of La semaine des canards

Les canards vont à la mare, mare, mare

Ils s’en vont jusqu’à la mer, mer, mer

Ils organisent un grand jeu, jeu, jeu

Ils se promènent dans le vent, vent, vent

Ils se dandinent comme ça, ça, ça

Ils se lavent à ce qu’on dit, dit, dit

Ils se reposent et voient la vie en rose

La semaine recommencera demain, coin, coin
The ducks go to the pond, pond, pond

They go to the sea, sea, sea

They’re having a big game, game, game

They walk in the wind, wind, wind

They waddle like this, this, this

They wash that’s what they say, say, say

They rest and see life in rose coloured glasses

The week will start again tomorrow, quack, quack

Video of the French kids’ song on YouTube:

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