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French alphabet toys for children (educational gifts)

French alphabet toys for children

If you’re teaching your child the French alphabet, there are many toys on the market that can help them practice learning the letters while they play. Here are three non-electronic options to consider.

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Hape Chunky Alphabet Puzzles

The French language uses the same 26 letters of the Latin alphabet as English. However, if you’re living in an area that is not French-speaking, often alphabet puzzles will have images that correspond to the English words (for example, “A” for “Apple”), making them unsuitable and confusing for kids learning French.

These bright and colourful Hape wooden alphabet puzzles are excellent for French learners as children can focus on matching the letters without any distracting images.

Magnetic letter tracing board

We purchased the upper-case magnetic tracer well over a year ago, and every time I bring this toy out, my daughter still loves to play with it. These magnetic tracing boards work using little metal beads and a pen with a magnetic tip. Children can use the pen to trace over letters of the alphabet. In addition to helping kids learn the alphabet, the board is a playful sensory toy as kids can push the little beads back in with their fingers and hear a fun clicking sound.

Janod Magnetibook French Alphabet

The Janod Magnetibook looks like a book on the outside but is actually a magnetic board with images and letters. It’s a great buy because you can use it for many years. From letter identification to sound recognition to spelling, this French toy for kids can be adapted to different levels.

What are some of your favourite French alphabet toys for children?

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