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Phases of the moon in French

phases of the moon in french

From a young age, children are often curious about the puzzling object that they see in the sky at night. It changes shape and sometimes isn’t visible at all! Naturally, they have lots of questions about Earth’s neighbour, the Moon. If your child wants to know more about the Moon in French, read on.

What is the Moon in French?

The Moon in French is la Lune.

Phases of the moon

When we look at the sky, the Moon looks different depending on its position relative to the Earth and Sun.

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New Moon – la nouvelle Lune

During the new Moon phase, the Moon is situated between the Sun and the Earth, so we cannot see it.

Waxing crescent – le premier croissant

As the Moon orbits around Earth, we start to see the part of it that is lit up by the Sun. This phase is called the waxing crescent.

First quarter – le premier quartier

As it continues its orbit, we see the first quarter, which looks like a half Moon to us.

Waxing gibbous – la Lune gibbeuse croissante

We start seeing more of the lit side of the Moon a few days later.

Full moon – la pleine Lune

During the full Moon, Earth’s natural satellite appears round.

Waning gibbous – la Lune gibbeuse décroissante

After the full Moon, the lit part of the moon starts to wane. In French, to wane is décroître.

Last quarter – le dernier quartier

As with the first quarter, we see a half Moon.

Waning crescent – le dernier croissant

The visible part of the Moon then reduces to a crescent-shaped sliver before it is no longer visible from Earth again, restarting the cycle.

French books about the Moon and Space

Mes p’tits Docs – L’espace by Stéphanie Ledu

National Geographic Kids : Mon grand livre de l’espace by by Catherine D. Hughes

Au clair de la Lune

Enjoy this soothing lullaby with your child.

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