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Five ways for children to practice French daily

french in your day-to-day

If your child is in French immersion or if you’re teaching them French at home, incorporating French into your family’s day-to-day can help them acquire the language faster and easier. Here are five opportunities for kids to practice French daily.

Planning the day

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Since many toddlers and preschoolers have a rough schedule, you can encourage them to discuss planned or anticipated events in French.

“After lunch, we will go to the playground.”

“Après le déjeuner, nous irons à l’aire de jeux.”

What’s your favourite game?

Quel est ton jeu préféré?

Getting dressed

Getting dressed is part of your child’s daily routine, so this activity provides a chance for repetition. Children can practice talking about clothing, colours, patterns, and even sequences in French.

For instance, you can ask your child:

“What do you want to wear today? The blue t-shirt or the yellow t-shirt?”

“Que veux-tu mettre aujourd’hui? Le t-shirt bleu ou le t-shirt jaune?”

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Observing the weather

Depending on where you live, you may experience predictable weather patterns or extreme variations. Just last week, we experienced rain, snow, and sun within a period of a couple of hours! No wonder we’re always talking about the weather.

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To make things more interesting, you could even set up a thermometer in your yard or on your balcony.

“It’s minus 4 degrees.”

“Il fait moins 4 degrés.”


Preparing a meal is a fun practical life activity for kids, but it is also the perfect time to practice French at home. Even something as simple as a cereal breakfast gives our petits cuisiners a chance to practice food vocabulary in French.

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Completing chores

Does your child help out with chores at home? Involving them in manageable tasks such as putting away their dirty clothes in the laundry basket can be a fun way to learn French.

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You can even turn cleanup time into a musical, with French songs for kids.

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How does your family practice french daily?

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