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French farm vocabulary – French children’s book

French farm vocabulary book

Farms are such an exciting place for children; there’s so much for them to see and explore. A family farm visit can be a fun-filled opportunity to teach your child French farm vocabulary as they discover animals, plants, vehicles, tools, building structures, and so much more.

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If your petit loulou can’t stop talking about the farm, here’s a great book I stumbled across at my local library. It will help your child practice talking about their experience in French at home!

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The book follows two adorable characters, Fanan (the cow) and Galopin (the horse) as they explore the farm.

Each scene takes place in different areas of the farm:

Le potager (the vegetable garden)

Le poulailler (the chicken coop)

La grange (the barn)

L’écurie (the stable)

La mare aux canards (the duck pond)

La prairie, Le pré (the meadow, the pasture)

la prairie
le pré

La porcherie (the pigpen)

Le verger (the orchard)

Cherche et trouve – Seek and find

In addition to having fun looking for Fanfan and Galopin, children can also learn the names of other common farm animals and tools in French as they use their observational skills to find the following.

Farm animals in French

Une poule (a hen)

Un coq (a rooster)

Un poussin (a chick)

Un mouton (a sheep)

Une brebis (an ewe)

Un canard (a duck)

Un cochon (a pig)

Un cheval (a horse)

Une vache (a cow)

Une grenouille (a frog)

Un lapin (a rabbit)

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Farm tools and vehicles in French

Un tracteur (a tractor)

Une remorque (a trailer)

Une pelle (a shovel)

Une fourche (a pitchfork)

Un sac de foin (a hay sack)

Une selle (a saddle)

Un fer à cheval (a horseshoe)

There is a lot more French farm vocabulary in the book for your little one to discover. Here are a few more books that you may be interested in:

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