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Parts of a plant in French: vocabulary and activity

parts of a plant in french

Even if the weather outside is reminding us that it’s still winter (-5°C today, brrr), we’re already talking about plants and flowers, partly in anticipation of spring, but also in celebration of Valentine’s Day! Surya loved the Montessori flower arranging activity and has been admiring her flowers ever since she lovingly placed each delicate stem into a beautiful vase. Since her arrangement needed a refresh, we decided to redo the activity and discuss the parts of a plant in French.

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Parts of a plant: French vocabulary

flower – une fleur

bud – un bouton

fruit – un fruit

leaf – une feuille

stem – une tige

roots – des racines

Hands-on activity

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We used the same material and setup as the Montessori flower arranging activity.

But this time, we took a few minutes to pause and observe the flowers in more detail.

We focused on the parts that she could see and we compared it to a picture that I drew of a tulip, which also included the roots.

parts of a plant in french

Unlike the original activity where the goal was to cut the stems uniformly and place them in the vase, I let Surya trim them as she pleased and gave her a few different options: the original vase and two cute little teacups.

She had fun transferring water from the pitcher to the containers, giving me the opportunity to make observations out loud in French.

You’re pouring the water in the vase.

Tu verses l’eau dans le vase.

She really enjoyed trimming the stems and got quite carried away!

You’re trimming the stem.

Tu coupes la tige.

Then she wanted to trim everything, including the petals.

Oh, you’re cutting the petals too!

Ah, tu coupes aussi les pétales!

parts of a plant in french

She cleaned up the discarded parts and put the taller stems in the original vase and the shorter ones in the teacups. Here is the lovely result.

And she hasn’t stopped admiring her flowers since!

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