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Éléphant et Rosie: Tu as un oiseau sur la tête! Mo Willems

Éléphant et Rosie: Tu as un oiseau sur la tête!

We stumbled upon this book at our public library, and my daughter’s been enjoying it so much, I thought I’d share what we both love about Éléphant et Rosie: Tu as un oiseau sur la tête! by Mo Willems. You may already be familiar with the English version of this Scholastic book, Elephant and Piggie There Is a Bird on Your Head!

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Éléphant et Rosie is actually a series of books about the endearing friendship between Gérald, the worrisome elephant and Rosie, the fun-loving pig. Although they have different personalities, their adventures show that opposites attract and can have a lot of fun together.

Introduces kids to spring vocabulary in French

Tu as un oiseau sur la tête! is an excellent French spring book for kids. With humour and minimal comic book style text, it introduces readers to spring, more specifically bird-related vocabulary in French. The book has a lot of repetition, which makes it easier for your little French learners to remember the new words they encounter.

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Bird – un oiseau

Nest – un nid

Egg – un oeuf

Eggs – des oeufs (note that the pronunciation is different)

To hatch – éclore

Chick – un oisillon

Presents a variety of emotions and facial expressions

If your child is interested in deciphering emotions, they will find a variety of facial expressions and body language in Tu as un oiseau sur la tête.

The characters’ exasperated and exaggerated expressions make the book engaging and humourous, and it never fails to captivate the attention of my little one.

Presents different ways of asking questions in French

Not only does Tu as un oiseau sur la tête! show us the benefits of asking politely, but it also presents a variety of ways to structure a question in French.

Using “est-ce que

Est-ce que j’ai quelque chose sur la tête?

Making your voice go up at the end of the sentence

J’ai un oiseau sur la tête?

Using an interrogative word

You can find examples of question words such as comment (how), que (what), pourquoi (why), and (where) in Tu as un oiseau sur la tête!.

Que font ces deux oiseaux sur ma tête?

Changing the word order

Ai-je un oeuf sur la tête?

Provides the opportunity to involve your child in counting

We welcome any opportunity to count, and although the counting in this book only goes to three (two birds and three eggs), my daughter has a lot of fun when we get to those pages because she loves to participate while reading and she loves the silliness of the situations.

Éléphant et Rosie: Tu as un oiseau sur la tête
Éléphant et Rosie: Tu as un oiseau sur la tête

What is your favourite Éléphant et Rosie book, and what do you love about it?

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