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French for children: learning about eggs in French

egg and eggs in french

My daughter loves to help in the kitchen, and one of the ingredients she’s most familiar with is the ever so versatile egg! Whether it’s preparing scrambled eggs for brunch, cracking an egg for banana bread, or slicing a few boiled eggs for a salad, Surya loves to work with eggs. And I’ve come to realize that she’s learned a lot about eggs in French through her culinary adventures.

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With Easter coming up, I’m sure she’s going to be thrilled to discover chocolate eggs!

Egg – un oeuf

Eggshell – une coquille, une coquille d’oeuf


Brown eggs – des oeufs bruns

White eggs – des oeufs blancs

Egg yolk – le jaune d’oeuf

Egg white – le blanc d’oeuf

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To crack an egg – casser un oeuf

To beat an egg – battre un oeuf

To season – assaisonner

To separate (as in the yolk from the egg white) – séparer

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Scrambled eggs – des oeufs brouillés

Boiled eggs – des oeufs durs

Fried eggs – des oeufs frits

Poached eggs – des oeufs pochés

Cooking utensils

Whisk – un fouet

Pan – une poêle

Spatula – une spatule

Pot – une casserole

Egg-related Easter vocabulary in French

To paint an egg – peindre un oeuf

To decorate an egg – décorer un oeuf

Easter egg hunt – la chasse aux œufs

Chocolate egg – un oeuf en chocolat


Pay special attention to the pronunciation. Depending on the last letter of the number, you may hear “n”, “z”, and “k” sounds.

One egg – un oeuf

Two eggs – deux oeufs

Three eggs – trois oeufs

Four eggs – quatre oeufs

Five eggs – cinq oeufs

YouTube video: How to say egg and eggs in French:

Dozen – une douzaine

Half-dozen – une demi-douzaine

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