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Learn French while painting a birdhouse: spring craft

learn french while painting a birdhouse

A hand-painted birdhouse can make for an adorable Mother’s Day gift that your child will be proud of. This spring craft can be used as a decor item around the house or in the yard, or it can be attached to a tree for birds to use as a nesting box. What’s more? It is also an enjoyable way for your petit poussin to learn French at home!

What is a birdhouse in French? A birdhouse is un nichoir or un nichoir pour oiseaux.

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Art material in French

Set up the art material for them in advance, and point to all the items they have at their disposal for the project. We kept it simple, but you can use various natural materials such as moss, leaves, or pinecones and other options like buttons, popsicle sticks, or pipe cleaners.

learn french while painting a birdhouse

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Paint pot – un pot de peinture

Paint brush – un pinceau

Glue – la colle

Scissors – une paire de ciseaux

Stapler – une agrafeuse

Colours in French

You can ask your child what colours they want in French, or if you’re introducing colours in French, you can point to the colours and say the French word out loud. We used the following ones.

Yellow – jaune

Blue – bleu

Green – vert

Pink – rose

Red – rouge

Parts of a house in French

Since a birdhouse has many components that resemble a house, you can talk about the basic parts of a house in French!

Roof – le toit

Wall – le mur

Floor – le sol

Entrance – l’entrée (f.)

Window – la fenêtre

And let’s not forget this very important part of a birdhouse, the perch.

Perch – le perchoir

The birdhouse painting activity

I did this activity with both my 2-year-old and 4.5-year-old, and they both had a great time. Tara, my little one, needed some help turning the house around and getting all the parts painted, but she chose the colours and artistic direction! Surya was able to do the entire craft on her own and had some very creative ideas, such as the design on the roof. Here are their finished products.

Is your child ready to learn French with this fun spring craft?

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