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Easter vocabulary in French: sticker matching activity

easter vocabulary in french

Learning new Easter vocabulary in French and practicing it is more fun when it’s presented as a game or activity. This engaging sticker matching activity is incredibly simple to set up and customize, depending on your child’s age and vocabulary level.

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Why stickers?

You can easily find Easter-related stickers at the dollar store, grocery store, or online. They are cheap, so you can select a variety of images to include in this activity.

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Stickers are also a great way for children to practice their fine motor and concentration skills as their little fingers patiently learn to peel them off and placed them on a specific spot on a sheet of paper.

Setting up the Easter activity

This is how I set the activity up for my two-year-old.

Using a ruler and marker, I drew out rectangular boxes on the sheet of paper. In each box, I stuck an image from my first set of stickers onto the page. Using scissors, I cut out the exact same image from the second set and placed it in a bowl.

I taped up the page to prevent it from moving and provided my daughter with the stickers I cut out.

easter vocabulary in french


I pointed to the image on the sheet and asked her to find the bunny in French. When she did, I showed her how to peel the sticker off and place it next to the image of the bunny. We continued with the other images and words until we finished all the stickers!

easter vocabulary in french


You can use this type of activity to teach kids different themes. I have used it in the past to teach my daughter animal names in French. At this time of the year, you can use sticker matching to teach spring vocabulary, flower names, or colours in French.

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For older kids, you can give them both sets of stickers and ask them to find all the rabbits, chicks, eggs, flowers, etc. and group them together. My 4.5-year-old really enjoyed this version.

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