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Clothing vocabulary in French: winter

clothing vocabulary in french

Brr! It’s cold outside and our petits choux are discovering the various articles of clothing they need to keep warm during the winter. I introduced many of these items of clothing in the Clothing vocabulary in French – autumn/fall blog post, but repetition is key for our little ones, so using it as they get ready each morning helps them remember and repeat the new words they are learning.

Les vêtements d’hiver – winter clothing

clothing in french - hat bonnet

Hat – un chapeau

There are many different types of hats that children wear in the winter.

The most common is the beanie or un bonnet, which keeps their head warm.

In Canada, the term “tuque” is also used.

Coat – un manteau

Pants – un pantalon

mittens – des moufles

What’s the difference between moufles, mitaines, and gants?

Gants refer to gloves, so each finger is covered separately. Moufles refer to mittens, so while the thumb is separated, the rest of the fingers are together. Mitaines refer to gloves that leave the top parts of the fingers bare.

sweater – un pull

What’s the difference between pull and chandail?

They both mean sweater. Chandail is more commonly used in Canada.

Pull (from the English word “pullover”) is more frequently used in other francophone areas.

You may also hear the word tricot, which refers to knitted sweaters.

clothing vocabulary in french

socks – des chaussettes

Note that in Québec, the word bas refers to socks, but it means stockings in other francophone countries.

clothing vocabulary in french

earmuffs – un cache-oreilles

clothing vocabulary in french

scarf – une écharpe

Boots – des bottes

Verbs for getting dressed/undressed in French

Here are some verbs that will come in handy when your kids are getting dressed/undressed:

To get dressed – s’habiller

To get undressed – se déshabiller

To put on – mettre

To wear – porter

To take off – enlever, retirer


Clothing vocabulary in French: video

Here’s a fun video that you can watch with your kids to practice their listening skills:

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