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Winter in French – Voici l’hiver Scholastic book: vocabulary

book to introduce winter in french

Who’s ready for winter? At our place, the holiday season arrived early this year. With Covid restrictions in full force, we decided not to wait till December to begin the festivities. The tree is already decorated, the lights are up, we’re baking cookies, listening to Christmas music, and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate! This also means that we’re using French winter vocabulary almost daily in our household. The Scholastic book, Voici l’hiver, is a great resource to introduce winter in French. It contains seasonal nouns, verbs, and expressions that you can use while you start your family holiday preparations. The sweet story, along with the beautiful imagery, will make your child look forward to the joys of the season.

Disclosure: I’ve included Amazon links in case you’d like to purchase the book for your little ones. Please note that if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission (at no extra cost to you).

What is winter in French?

You probably guessed it. Winter in French is “hiver“, and it’s a masculine noun.

So the title of the book, Voici l’hiver, means “Here’s winter”.

French vocabulary for kids, with audio/pronunciation

Winter: l’hiver


Snow: la neige

la neige

It’s snowing: Il neige.

Il neige.

Snowflakes: des flocons (masculine)

des flocons

Ice: la glace

la glace

Slide: la glissade

la glissade

Snowmen: des bonhommes de neige (masculine)

Mittens: des mitaines (feminine)

des mitaines

To warm up: réchauffer


Hot chocolate: du chocolat chaud

du chocolat chaud

Reading – la lecture

la lecture

Blanket – une couverture

une couverture

Storm – une tempête

une tempête

Wind – le vent

le vent

To shovel – pelleter


To play – jouer


Footprints – des empreintes (feminine)

des empreintes

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Other winter-themed French’s children’s books

Earlier this week, I posted our reading list for this winter. It contains several books on the topic that your child will enjoy reading.

What French kids’ books are you reading this winter?

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