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Your family is growing, and you are expecting a new baby! That’s fantastic news, but let’s face it; it’s not always easy for our firstborns to understand and process the changes that are happening in their lives as a result. That uncertainty can manifest itself in many ways: kids can act out and even regress. To better prepare my little one for the arrival of her new sibling, I have turned to children’s books to address some of the questions she has about the changes that she is observing before the birth of her sister. I have also stocked up on French books that focus on her future role and relationship with the newborn as a big sister. And most importantly, I have chosen books that provide gentle reassurance to her that she will always be loved by her parents.

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Il y a une maison dans ma maman

by Giles Andreae, Vanessa Cabban

Il y a une maison dans ma maman is a great resource for parents to explain pregnancy to children in terms that they can relate to. If your child is wondering why mommy’s tummy is getting bigger and bigger or why she’s often tired, this book can provide them with answers that are factually correct, yet simplified for their age.

P’tit loup devient grand frère

by Orianne Lallemand, Eléonore Thuillier

If your little one is having a difficult time accepting the idea of having a younger sibling, they will relate and find comfort in P’tit loup devient grand frère. This French book will help address and alleviate some of their fears and feelings of jealousy and get them thinking about their new role in the family.

Je suis une grande soeur

by Caroline Jayne Church

I am a huge fan of Caroline Jayne Church’s books. Je suis une grande soeur focuses on what happens after the baby is born. If your first child is worried about no longer being “the baby”, through this book, they will discover the joy of being the big sister: helping take care of the baby, playing and bonding with the newborn, and most importantly, having a new member of the family to love and cherish.

Je suis un grand frère

by Caroline Jayne Church

Je suis un grand frère is identical to Je suis une grande soeur except that the main character is a little boy rather than a girl, so it’s the perfect read for a big brother.

T’Choupi a une petite soeur

by Thierry Courtin

While your child may be very impatient and excited to meet their new sibling, the reality of the first few days, weeks, and even months can be quite the opposite of what they expected. Rather than having a play buddy, they may find themself feeling ignored and annoyed. T’Choupi a une petite soeur is helpful in explaining the realities of having a newborn in the house in a way that children will appreciate.

Do you have any other French book ideas to share with parents expecting another child? Share your favourites in the comments below.

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