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Teach kids French: Daily routines in French

teach kids french: daily routines in french

The best way to teach kids French is to ensure that they are immersed in the language daily. Since daily routines are repetitive, it’s easy to include them in your conversations, providing regular exposure to common French vocabulary and expressions.

Kids’ daily routine in French

I wake up.

Je me réveille.

I brush my teeth.

Je me brosse les dents.

I make my bed.

Je fais mon lit.

I get dressed.

Je m’habille.

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I eat breakfast.

Je prends le petit déjeuner.

I play with my toys.

Je joue avec mes jouets.

I play with my friends.

Je joue avec mes amis.

I eat lunch.

Je prends le déjeuner.

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I read a book.

Je lis un livre.

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I take a nap.

Je fais une sieste.

I eat a snack.

Je mange une collation.

I watch cartoons.

Je regarde des dessins animés.

I help mommy and daddy make dinner.

J’aide maman et papa à préparer le dîner.

I have dinner.

Je prends le dîner.

I take a bath.

Je prends un bain.

I put on my pyjamas.

Je mets mon pyjama.

I say goodnight to my family.

Je dis bonne nuit à ma famille.

I go to sleep.

Je me couche.

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Tips on teaching daily routines in French

To teach your kids French daily routines, you can demonstrate certain actions, such as brushing your teeth, and say the sentence out loud.

Or, you can ask them questions. For instance, you can ask them if they want to watch cartoons.

Do you want to watch cartoons?

Veux-tu regarder des dessins animés?

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