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French baby vocabulary (newborn essentials)

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Are you expecting your first bébé (baby) and do you plan on teaching them French? Or are you currently raising a French-speaking toddler and awaiting a new addition to your family? This French baby vocabulary list, while not exhaustive, will come in handy as you prepare for the arrival of your nouveau-né (newborn).

Note that it is based on my personal experience and that of my mommy friends and is by no means a definitive list for new parents. The items included are meant to help introduce newborn-related vocabulary in French.

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Baby clothes – les vêtements pour bébé

There are so many articles of clothing for newborns and infants that it can be overwhelming to decide what to buy for your child, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. These are the baby clothing items that I found most useful during the first few months.

Onesie, bodysuit – un body

Sleeper – une grenouillère, un pyjama

une grenouillère
un pyjama

Beanie, hat – un bonnet, un chapeau

un bonnet
un chapeau

Socks – des chaussettes (feminine)

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Bath time – l’heure du bain

These bath time essentials will help ensure it’s a great experience for all.

Bathtub – une baignoire pour bébé

Baby shampoo – un shampoing/shampooing pour bébé

Baby soap – un savon pour bébé

Baby lotion or cream – une crème hydratante pour bébé

Washcloth – une débarbouillette

Hooded towel – une cape de bain

Diaper change – le changement de couche

The number of diaper changes that a newborn requires is just mind boggling!

Diaper – une couche

Baby wipe – une lingette

Wipes dispenser – un distributeur de lingettes

Changing table – une table à langer

Sleep time – l’heure du dodo

Since pillows and covers are discouraged for newborns and young infants, a sleeping sack (worn over the sleeper) is about all bébé needs in order to get some rest at night.

Sleep sack – une gigoteuse, une douillette, une turbulette

une gigoteuse
une douillette
une turbulette

Bassinet – un berceau

Crib – un lit (de bébé, d’enfant)

Feeding time – l’heure de l’allaitement

Whether you’ll be breast feeding or bottle feeding, here are a few items that will make the experience more comfortable.

Nursing pillow – un coussin d’allaitement

Rocking chair – un fauteuil à bascule

Bib – un bavoir, une bavette

un bavoir
une bavette

Baby bottle – un biberon

Outings – les sorties

Although going out with a newborn can be intimidating, the fact that they’re always sleepy means that you can enjoy a meal or walk while they snooze.

Car seat – un siège bébé

Stroller – une poussette

Baby carrier – un porte-bébé

What other French baby vocabulary would you like to see on this list?

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