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Learn French with Peppa Pig: spring vocabulary

Did you know that you could watch Peppa Pig in French? If you have Netflix, all you have to do is change the language settings to French, et voilà! And if you don’t, you can access many of the episodes in French on YouTube. My daughter loves these short five-minute episodes. Here is one that does a great job of introducing French spring vocabulary to kids.

Peppa Pig in French: Season 4, Episode 12 – Peppa and George’s Garden

In Le Jardin de Peppa et Georges, Papi Pig (Grandpa Pig) brings some seeds to Peppa and George to plant in the garden. He shows them how to dig a hole to plant and water them and tasks Papa Pig (Daddy Pig) with scaring the birds away if any of them try to peck the seeds.

French spring vocabulary

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You can hear all the words below in the YouTube video.

Garden – un jardin

Flower – une fleur

Seed – une graine

To dig – creuser

Hole – un trou

Sunny – ensoleillé (masculine), ensoleillée (feminine)

To plant – planter

Watering can – un arrosoir

To fill up – remplir

Water – l’eau

To grow – pousser

Bird – un oiseau

To peck – picorer

Scarecrow – un épouvantail

Snail – un escargot

To flower – fleurir

Stem – une tige

Bean – un haricot

Sunflower – un tournesol

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Vegetable – un légume

Tomato – une tomate

Carrot – une carotte

Potato – une pomme de terre


Children love hands-on activities, so a gardening project, such as planting seeds is a great way for them to participate in a rewarding sensory project. Such an activity will give them the opportunity to touch and feel the seeds and soil in their hands and practice filling a watering can and pouring water onto the seeds. They will learn to be patient as they wait for their seeds to grow, all while being able to practice French spring vocabulary while doing so.

If you’re interested in other hands-on activities for kids, take a look at these fun projects we’ve completed recently.

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