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French kids’ cartoon (dessin animé): Didou

If you’re teaching your child French and don’t have access to a lot of French cartoon for kids, here is a wonderful déssin animé you can view online. Didou is a fun French kids’ cartoon that helps children learn French while also teaching them to draw. Didou, a young rabbit, and his friend Yoko, a friendly ladybug, draw something new each episode. While doing so, they narrate the various lines, shapes, colours, and objects that they are drawing, making the show very educational for kids and French learners.

Where can you watch Didou?

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We watch the show on Amazon Prime Video, but you can also access episodes on YouTube. The main advantage of watching the cartoon on Prime Video is that you don’t have ads disrupting your child’s viewing. However, there are more seasons and episodes on YouTube.

Didou, an educational French kids’ cartoon

In this episode, for example, Didou and Yoko teach kids how to draw a house. While doing so, kids can learn about:

  • Shapes in French: un triangle (triangle), un rectangle (rectangle), un cercle (circle)
  • Parts of a house in French: un toit (roof), un mur (wall), une fenêtre (window), une porte (door), une cheminée (chimney), and une chambre (room)
  • Adjectives: magnifique (magnificent), triste (sad)
  • Colours: jaune (yellow), orange (orange), rouge (red)

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Didou, intro song with lyrics and translation

Dis Didou
Une fleur pour ma maman
D’un jaune resplendissant
Qui bouge avec le vent
Say Didou
Draw me
A flower for my mom
Of a resplendent yellow
That moves with the wind
Et un papillon
Ou un gros lion
Et pourquoi pas un camion!
And a butterfly
Or a big lion
And why not a truck!
Dis Didou
Dessine-moi un chameau très amusant
À deux bosses forcément
Qui joue au toboggan
Say Didou
Draw me a very amusing camel
With two bumps inevitably
Who plays the slide
Un éléphant
Ou un pélican
Et pourquoi pas un cerf-volant!
An elephant
Or a pelican
And why not a kite!
Dis Didou
Un dauphin très très malin
Qui joue au sous-marin
Et qui sera mon copain.
Say Didou
Draw me
A very very clever dolphin
Who plays the submarine
And who will be my friend.

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