Fall - L'automne French vocabulary and expressions

French clothing vocabulary: fall/autumn

french clothing vocabulary - fall_autumn

Fall is here, and the change in weather and temperature makes it the perfect time to introduce and practice autumn-related French clothing vocabulary with your child. So, whether you want to incorporate some French in their day-to-day or you’re looking for French homeschooling resources, here are the common clothing items that will keep your little ones toasty and dry while they have fun outdoors.

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Les vêtements d’automne – Fall clothing

les vêtements d’automne
French clothing vocabulary - rain boots

Rain boots, boots

Who doesn’t love jumping in muddy puddles or a big pile of leaves? Rain boots are a fall essential for mini explorers.

In French, rain boots are des bottes en caoutchouc, which translates to “rubber boots”.

des bottes en caoutchouc

When referring to regular boots, it’s “des bottes“.

des bottes

french clothing vocabulary - sweater

A sweater

There are different ways of saying “sweater” in French.

Un chandail

un chandail

Un pull (short for pull-over)

un pull

french clothing vocabulary - coat

A coat, a raincoat

A coat is a must for those nippy fall days.

Un manteau

un manteau

On rainier days, a raincoat or “un imperméable” may be more suitable.

Un imperméable

un imperméable

french clothing vocabulary - pants

Pants, tights

Goodbye shorts and hello pants!

The word “pantalon” can be used both in the singular (un pantalon) and plural forms (“des pantalons“) to mean pants.

Un pantalon

un pantalon

Des collants

Similarly, you can use “un collant” or “des collants” to refer to tights.

french clothing vocabulary - scarf

A scarf

You may have heard the words “écharpe” and “foulard“. So what’s the difference between the two?

Une écharpe

Worn for warmth during the cooler months, “une écharpe” is your typical wooly or cosy scarf.

une écharpe

Un foulard

Worn for fashion any time of the year, “un foulard“‘ is mainly decorative.

un foulard

french clothing vocabulary - toque

A toque, a beanie

Une tuque

This word is more commonly used in Canada.

Un bonnet

This is the term most frequently used in other francophone areas.

french clothing vocabulary - socks


Very important to keep those toes warm during outdoor activities.

Des chaussettes

french clothing vocabulary - gloves


Let’s not forget about those little hands!

Des gants

How to use fall-related French clothing vocabulary in sentences

An easy way to introduce and practice these words is to say them out loud when your child is getting ready to go outside. Here are a few sentences that will help you:

If you want to jump in muddy puddles, put on your rain boots.

Si tu veux sauter dans les flaques de boue, mets tes bottes en caoutchouc.

Put on your sweater; it’s cold outside.

Mets ton chandail, il fait froid dehors.

Put on your coat; we’re going to play outside.

Enfile ton manteau, on va jouer dehors.

Do you want to choose your pants today?

Veux-tu choisir ton pantalon aujourd’hui?

Don’t forget your scarf, toque, and your gloves.

N’oublies pas ton écharpe, ta tuque et tes gants.

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