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Animal names in French: sticker matching activity for kids

animal names in french

There are many ways to teach your child animal names in French. When we visited a sunflower farm last summer, our daughter loved watching the hardworking bees as they flew from flower to flower. In the fall, when we visited a pumpkin patch, she saw a multitude of farm animals that live on the farm. In the winter, she enjoyed walks to the duck pond and is currently spending her mornings watching birds feeding outside our window. She also enjoys discovering animals through books and TV shows and playing with her animal figures.

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I set up this simple sticker match activity to provide her with an opportunity to practice recognizing various animals while working on her fine motor skills.

What you will need

sticker match activity for kids: animal names in french
  • Paper
  • A marker
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Animal stickers (two sets)


Using your marker and ruler, draw rectangular boxes. Stick one animal in each box. With your scissors, cut out the matching pair.

Below are the animals stickers that I used.

Animal names in French

Lion – lion

Hippopotamus – hippopotame

Giraffe – girafe

Elephant – éléphant

Cheetah – guépard

Zebra – zèbre

Meerkat – suricate

Monkey – singe

Tiger – tigre

Chameleon – caméléon

Snake – serpent

Skunk – moufette

Koala – koala

Toucan – toucan

Turtle – tortue

Fox – renard


Since the focus of this activity is on the names of the animals in French, you can point to each animal on the sheet and say the word out loud. My daughter was quite excited to name the animals that she recognized.

Then, you can demonstrate how to find the matching sticker, peel it, and stick it next to the animal on the page. Then, invite them to try it.

animal names in french

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