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French Mother’s Day books for kids (Gift ideas)

French Mother's Day books for kids

Children’s books are great gifts for Mother’s Day because they can be enjoyed by both moms and their little ones. Whether it’s for reading together outdoors during the warmer spring months or indoors cocooned in bed or on the couch, these three French Mother’s Day books for kids are a great way to spend quality time together and sneak in some snuggles and a few laughs.

French Mother’s Day books – Livres pour la fête des mères

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Une maman c’est comme une maison

by Aurore Petit.

Une maman c’est comme une maison is a beautiful ode to what a mother represents to her child at different stages of their first year of life. From the time she is pregnant to the time when her baby takes their very first steps, a mother is like a nest, a fountain, a cocoon, a refuge, a melody, a tree, and… a house that will always be a part of her child.

This poetic book would make a perfect gift for pregnant moms and new moms celebrating their first or second Mother’s Day.

Pourquoi j’aime ma maman (Why I love my mommy – French edition)

by Daniel Howarth

If you have a toddler and are looking for a fabulous Mother’s Day gift for their mom, Pourquoi j’aime ma maman is an excellent choice. If you were to ask your child why they love their mom, chances are, they would tell you many of the sweet and endearing reasons in this book. It beautifully illustrates the simple things that brings happiness to a child, such as their mother holding their hand, singing to them, or kissing them when they get hurt.

Maman dans tes bras

by Soledad Bravi

While my husband is just as involved with taking care of our daughter as I am, it is a running joke in our house that she whenever she needs something, it usually starts with “Maman…”. If this sounds familiar to you and your child says “Mommy…” a billion times a day, Maman dans tes bras will make you laugh as you relate to these humourous everyday situations. Note that this book may not appeal to everyone.

What are your favourite French Mother’s Day books for kids?

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