Learning French outdoors

Learning French while visiting a sunflower farm

farm in french

Any activity that involves large outdoor spaces is always a hit with our toddler, but the sunflower farm was especially fun because these enormous flowers were not only wonderful to admire, but they also attracted lots of bees. And Surya happens to be currently obsessed with anything bee-related, mainly because she could devour honey day and night if it were up to her.

How do you say “sunflower farm” in French?

“Farm” in French is “une ferme” and “sunflower” is “un tournesol“, so a sunflower farm in French is “une ferme de tournesol“.

une ferme de tournesol

If you’re referring to a sunflower field instead, it’s “un champ de tournesol“.

un champ de tournesol
Sunflower farm in French.

Parts of a sunflower

Petals – les pétales

les pétales

Seeds – les graines

les graines

Stem – la tige

la tige

Leaves – les feuilles

les feuilles

Animals at the farm

At the sunflower farm, there were a few animals that Surya was already familiar with, through books and TV shows. Seeing them enabled her to make the connection between the concept and the real creatures. She was especially enamoured with the little chicks as she loves “Martin”, le petit poussin from one of her favourite books at the moment, “Mes histoires à raconter et à mimer“.

Chick – un poussin

un poussin
farm in french - chicks

Goat – une chèvre (feminine), un bouc (masculine)

une chèvre
un bouc
farm in french - goat

Pig – un cochon

un cochon
farm in french - pig


We watched the bees from a distance, making sure not to intrude. Surya is well aware that bees will not sting, unless we bother them!

Bee – l’abeille


Nectar – le nectar

le nectar

Beehive – la ruche

la ruche


Impress your little one by following this step by step drawing of a sunflower. Then, invite them to paint the flower using crayons, watercolour, or markers. Encourage them to talk about the different parts of the flower, in French.

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