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French summer vocabulary: clothing and seasonal items

Many regions of North America saw record-breaking temperatures this week. While it most certainly was not enjoyable, it was a once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully!) experience that we will always remember. In addition to practicing the regular French summer vocabulary below, my daughter also learned about heatwaves and got to enjoy copious amounts of homemade popsicles this year.

What’s heatwave in French? Heatwave in French is canicule (feminine).

It’s very hot during the heatwave, even at night.

Il fait très chaud en période de canicule, même pendant la nuit.

We should drink water regularly to prevent dehydration.

Il faut boire régulièrement de l’eau pour éviter la déshydratation.

We should stay in cool areas.

Il faut rester dans des endroits frais.

Les vêtements d’été – Summer clothing

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Swimsuit – maillot de bain (masculine)

T-shirt – tee-shirt (masculine)

Short-sleeved shirt – chemise à manches courtes (feminine)

Tank top – débardeur (masculine)

Shorts – short, shorts (masculine)

Dress – robe (feminine)

Skirt – jupe (feminine)

Les accessoires d’été – Summer accessories

Sunglasses – lunettes de soleil (feminine)

Hat – chapeau (masculine)

Baseball cap – casquette (feminine)

Sandals – sandales (feminine)

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Other French summer vocabulary

Sunscreen – écran solaire (masculine), crème solaire (feminine)

écran solaire
crème solaire

Water bottle – gourde (feminine)

Buoy – bouée (feminine)

Water wings – flotteurs (masculine), brassards (masculine)


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