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Tropical fruit names in French – Fruits tropicaux

tropical fruits in french

Since it’s summer, we’re continuing our fruits theme! In addition to the fruits that are grown in our area, we’re discovering tropical fruit names in French.

Tropical fruits in French translate to des fruits tropicaux, but you will often hear the term fruits exotiques (exotic fruits) used as well.

des fruits tropicaux
des fruits exotiques

Tropical fruit names in French

Here are a few tropical fruits that you can find in most supermarkets nowadays.

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Pineapple – un ananas

Pineapple in French can be pronounced in two ways. You can either pronounce the “s” at the end of the word or not.

un ananas (the “s” is silent)
un ananas (the “s” is pronounced)

Banana – une banane

Starfruit – une carambole

Guava – une goyave

Pomegranate – une grenade

Passion fruit – un fruit de la passion, une grenadille

un fruit de la passion
une grenadille

Lychee – un litchi

Longan – un longane

Mango – une mangue

Coconut – une noix de coco

Papaya – une papaye

Dragonfruit – un pitaya, un fruit du dragon

un pitaya
un fruit du dragon

Tamarind – un tamarin

Ideas to explore

There are many ways to have fun while learning tropical fruit names in French. While kids will undoubtedly love discovering the unfamiliar tastes, these fruits also have interesting textures that you can explore together.

Sorting activity

You can do a fun sorting activity where you invite your child to sort the fruits into bowls according to the texture of their skin.

Smooth – lisse

Rough – rugueux (masculine), rugueuse (feminine)


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Process art

A fun process art project for kids could be for them to paint the peel of fruits such as pineapple, lychee, coconut, and dragonfruit. They can paint it using the corresponding colour or get creative. They can then stamp each variety of peel onto a sheet of paper.

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