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Pumpkin patch and farm visit: animals in French

Last year, we visited our first pumpkin patch, and even if our daughter was quite young, she had a great time frolicking around the bright orange pumpkins scattered all over the ground. We also loved the opportunity to spend time as a family outdoors, making new memories together. This year, since Surya’s older and better able to appreciate it, we decided to visit a pumpkin patch with a farm on its grounds. We had a fabulous time discovering plants and animals in French!

Animals in French

We met our first emu. Fun fact to share with your little explorers: after the ostrich, emus are the second-largest bird by height.

animals in french - emu

Emu – un émeu

un émeu

Notice how the sound changes when you put “un” in front of “émeu“. This is because of what’s called a “liaison“. It’s common to link the sound of the last letter of a word, “n” in this case, to the first letter of the word that follows if it’s a vowel, “é” in this example.

We also saw a number of friendly goats, big and small, on the property.

french farm animals - goat

Goat – une chèvre (female), un bouc (male)

une chèvre
un bouc

There were many varieties of sheep.

farm animals in french - sheep

Sheep – un mouton (male), une brebis (female)

un mouton
une brebis

We saw many domestic ducks, which looked quite different from the wild ducks we’re used to seeing at the neighbourhood pond.

farm animals in french - duck

Duck – un canard (male), une cane (female)

un canard
une cane

We even saw peacocks. We learned that peacocks lose their eye-spotted tail feathers in the late summer, which would explain why this guy below was missing some of its extravagant plumage.

Peacock – un paon (male), une paonne (female)

un paon
une paonne

Surya also saw hens and roosters, along with little chicks running around.

french farm animals - hens

Hen – une poule

une poule

Rooster – un coq

un coq

Chick – un poussin

un poussin

We were lucky because the farmer happened to be collecting the freshly laid eggs from the coop.

Egg – un oeuf

un oeuf

Eggs – des oeufs

des oeufs

The sow and her nine piglets, all breastfeeding at the same time, was quite the sight!

Pig – une truie (female), un cochon (male)

une truie
un cochon

Piglet – un porcelet

We saw cows and calves.

Cow – une vache

une vache

Calf – un veau

un veau

There were also rabbits on the farm.

Rabbit – un lapin (male), une lapine (female)

un lapin
une lapine

We were so glad to see a donkey!

Donkey – un âne (male), une ânesse (female)

un âne
une ânesse

And the most impressive of all? This magestic horse!

Horse – un cheval (male), une jument (female)

un cheval
une jument

What about pumpkins?

We were having so much fun exploring the farm that we almost forgot about the pumpkin patch! We spend the last part of our trip in the pumpkin fields and ended our visit with a delicious pumpkin pie and hot chocolate by an outdoor fire. Just a perfect autumn day with the family!

Pumpkin – une citrouille

une citrouille

Pumpkin pie – une tarte à la citrouille

une tarte à la citrouille

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