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Names of flowers in French: vocabulary for preschoolers

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Each season brings new discoveries for our little ones, and spring, with its budding leaves, bumbling bees, and blooming bulbs is a real treat for all our senses. We’ve been enjoying the milder temperatures and the outdoors, soaking in the sunshine and talking a lot about the changes that we’re noticing around us. My daughter is particularly enjoying bringing spring into our home by collecting nature finds and arranging her flowers. And of course, she’s having fun learning the names of various flowers in French.

Common flowers in French

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Daffodil – jonquille (feminine)

These cheerful harbingers of spring are known for their vivid yellow or white petals and trumpet-like centre. The flowers also seem to always point slightly downwards.

Hibiscus – hibiscus (masculine)

This dramatic flower comes in a variety of colours and is also a popular herbal tea with many health benefits.

Rose – rose (feminine)

Roses are fragrant flowers that carry different meanings depending on the colour of the petals.

Sunflower – tournesol (masculine)

Here’s a fun fact for kids about sunflowers: before reaching maturity, sunflowers follow the movement of sun from sunrise to sunset each day. 

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Tulip – tulipe (feminine)

Another quintessential spring flower, the tulip comes in a myriad of colours.

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Lotus – lotus (feminine)

These large flowers grow in water and are known for their sweet scent.

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Orchid – orchidée (feminine)

In addition to being visually appealing, orchids are also prized for their fragrance. And, did you know that vanilla comes from Vanilla planifola, a species of orchid?

Bird of paradise – oiseau de paradis (masculine)

This unique-looking, tropical flower, is anything but subtle, with its rigid bright orange and blue petals resembling an exotic bird.

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