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Christmas in French: vocabulary, with photos and audio

Our two-year-old daughter is starting to get quite excited about Christmas, and I wanted to find a playful way of introducing French Christmas vocabulary to her. Since I don’t have a varied collection of Christmas ornaments at home, I recently bought a felt Christmas tree with velcro ornaments to introduce her to the most common Christmas symbols in French. She loved the activity and she’s been having a fabulous time decorating and redecorating her tree on her own.

We started by sorting through the ornaments together. As I held each ornament in my hands, I said the word out loud for her to hear.

French Christmas vocabulary for kids

If you’re unsure how to teach french to a child using Christmas ornaments, you can follow the suggested sentences below while decorating the tree together. They will help you vocalize your observations and encourage your child to participate in the conversation and the activity.

Disclosure: I’ve included Amazon links in case you’d like to purchase a felt Christmas tree for your little ones. Please note that if you click through and make a purchase, I will earn a commission (at no extra cost to you).

Christmas in French - Christmas tree sapin

Christmas tree in French

un sapin

Let’s decorate the Christmas tree together.

Décorons ensemble le sapin de Noël.

Santa Claus in French

Père Noël

Santa has a white beard.

Le Père Noël a une barbe blanche.

Christmas in French - gifts cadeaux

Gifts in French

des cadeaux

There are three gifts.

Il y a trois cadeaux.

Christmas in French - snowflakes flocons

Snowflakes in French

des flocons

You can also say:

des flocons de neige

Here is the blue snowflake.

Voici le flocon de neige bleu.

Christmas in French - snowman bonhomme de neige

Snowman in French

un bonhomme de neige

How cute is this little snowman.

Qu’il est mignon, ce petit bonhomme de neige.

Christmas in French - Christmas stocking un bas de Noël

Christmas stocking in French

un bas de Noël

What colour is the Christmas stocking?

Le bas de Noël est de quelle couleur?

Christmas in French - Christmas ornaments décorations de Noël

Christmas ornaments in French

des décorations de Noël

des boules de Noël

Here are the Christmas ornaments.

Voici les boules de Noël.

Christmas in French - stars étoiles

Stars in French

des étoiles

How many stars are there?

Combien d’étoiles y a-t-il?

Mittens in French

des mitaines

des moufles

Can you pass the mitten to mommy?

Peux-tu passer la mitaine à maman?

Hat in French

un chapeau

un bonnet

Santa Claus wears a red hat.

Le père Noël porte un chapeau rouge.

Candy cane in French

un sucre d’orge

Let’s count the number of candy canes. One, two, and three!

Comptons le nombre de sucre d’orge. Un, deux et trois!

Santa’s bag in French

une hotte

la hotte du Père Noël

Santa’s bag is full of gifts.

La hotte du Père Noël est remplie de cadeaux.

Reindeer in French

un renne

Can you pass mommy the reindeer with the red nose?

Peux-tu donner à maman le renne au nez rouge?

Gingerbread man in French

un bonhomme en pain d’épice

The gingerbread man has a nice smile.

Le bonhomme en pain d’épice a un joli sourire.

Candles in French

des bougies

Here are the two candles.

Voici les deux bougies.

Bells in French

des cloches

Where do you want to put these bells?

Où veux-tu mettre ces cloches?

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I hope you have as much fun as we’ve had learning the French words for the most common Christmas symbols. Make sure to check out my other blog posts for more French homeschooling resources on the topic of winter and Christmas.

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