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French vehicle vocabulary for kids

Whether it’s a large garbage truck, a noisy airplane, or a big yellow school bus, children are curious about the vehicles they see around them. They often have (many) questions about what they are, the sounds that they make, and what they do. My two-year-old is no different and always bombards me with questions whenever she sees a new form of transportation. And I’m always happy to answer her questions because it provides me with the perfect opportunity to introduce and use French vehicle vocabulary.

Recently, my daughter’s been very interested in puzzles, but one that keeps her focused for 30+ minutes at a time is this fantastic 8-puzzle set that all connect to form a bustling city scene.

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french vehicle vocabulary

In addition to helping her practice her fine motor and problem-solving skills, it gives us a chance to use French vehicle vocabulary and discuss the scenes. There are a few details that she loves to point out, such as the little boy who’s crossing the street or the man with the briefcase.

Forms of transportation vocabulary in French

🚑 ambulance – une ambulance

🚕 taxi – un taxi

✈️ plane – un avion

🚒 fire truck – un camion de pompiers / un camion d’incendie

un camion de pompiers
un camion d’incendie

🛵 scooter – un scooter

🚌 school bus – un autobus scolaire

🚓 police car – une voiture de police

🚗 car – une voiture

🚲 bicycle – un vélo

🛴 scooter – une trottinette

Vehicle puzzles on Amazon

Here are a few other fantastic vehicle puzzles that you can use to teach your child new vocabulary in French.

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