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Happy Valentine’s Day in French: activity for kids

happy valentine's day in french

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! How will you celebrate love with your budding francophone? If you’re teaching French to your child, you can use this list of French Valentine’s Day vocabulary for kids and celebrate a Happy Valentine’s Day in French. Scroll below to check out an easy and fun, hands-on activity that your toddler will enjoy.

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary and expressions for kids

What is Valentine’s Day in French? Valentine’s Day is La St. Valentin, short for La fête de Saint Valentin.

La St. Valentin
La fête de Saint Valentin

It is celebrated on February 14, le 14 février.

You can wish your child a Happy Valentine’s Day in French by saying Joyeuse Saint Valentin.

I love youje t’aime

You can also use French terms of endearment when wishing them Happy Valentine’s Day in French!


Kissun bisou

To kissembrasser

Heartun coeur

Giftun cadeau

Chocolateun chocolat

Rosesdes roses

Love notesdes billets doux

Cardune carte


French Valentine’s Day activity for kids

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For this simple activity, you will need:

Construction paperdu papier de construction
A markerun marqueur
Gluede la colle
Cotton padsdu coton absorbant
Food colouring*du colorant alimentaire
A small bowl**un petit bol
A pipetteune pipette

* I used food colouring, but you can also use any water-based, non-toxic paint for children. I chose pink and purple, but you can go with red or any other colour that your child likes.

** I used two bowls since I used two colours.

happy valentine's day in french

Start by drawing a fairly large heart in the middle of the sheet of paper. Then glue the cotton pads onto the heart.

happy valentine's day in french

Once the activity is all set, you can invite your child to play and have fun!

French Valentine’s Day books for kids

Je t’aime de la tête aux pieds

I discussed this book in more detail here.

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