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French Valentine’s Day vocabulary for preschoolers

If your child is showing reading readiness, I’ve got a fun activity that combines French Valentine’s Day vocabulary and beginning sound identification.

Valentine’s Day in French is La Saint Valentin, which is short for La fête de Saint-Valentin.

La Saint Valentin

French Valentine’s Day vocabulary

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Heart – cœur (masculine)

Love – amour (masculine)

Kiss – bisou (masculine)

Flower – fleur (feminine)

Rose – rose (feminine)

Card – carte (feminine)

Cupid – cupidon (masculine)

Valentine’s Day activity for preschoolers

You will need:

The activity is simple to set up and you can modify it to use what you have on hand. For instance, instead of magnets, you can use dot stickers or dot markers. If you have a magnetic board, you can use that instead of construction paper.

Using the marker, draw a heart.

Inside the heart, write the first letter of each word from the French Valentine’s Day vocabulary section above. You can additional words depending on the age of your child and their level of French.

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french valentine's day

Review the sounds of the letters you wrote down.

Give them the exact number of magnetic chips or stickers as letters inside the heart. I chose the reds and pinks to stay with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Ask them to listen carefully to the words that you will be saying out loud and place a magnet or sticker on its beginning sound.

By the time you finish the list of words, they should have used up all of their chips or stickers.

french valentine's day activity

If using magnetic chips, let them use the magnet to clear the heart and tidy up after the activity. That step felt very satisfactory to my preschooler!

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