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Easter craft: colour matching with DIY egg shakers

easter craft for kids

Since Easter is approaching, you can find fillable eggs practically anywhere you look. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, here is a fun Easter craft for toddlers that requires minimal setup and provides several learning opportunities for your little one.

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What you will need

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Fillable Easter eggsdes oeufs de Pâques à remplir
Beadsdes perles

Since this is a colour matching activity, your eggs and beads need to match. We used the following colours:

Pink – rose

Orange – orange

Green – vert

Yellow – jaune

Blue – bleu


Place the eggs in a basket. Put all the beads in a bowl. You can point to each colour of eggs and beads and say the French words out loud.

Due to the small size of the beads, this activity requires close supervision for young children.

Easter craft for kids

Today, we’ll be making musical egg shakers.

Aujourd’hui, nous allons fabriquer des oeufs sonores.


You can demonstrate how to do the activity with minimal verbal instructions or you can narrate your actions out loud as you complete each step.

Step 1: Selecting a plastic egg and identifying its colour

Here’s a pink egg.

Voici un oeuf rose.

Step 2: Finding the corresponding beads

Let’s find the pink beads.

Trouvons les perles roses.

You can also practice counting in French as you count the number of pink pearls.

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Step 3: Squeezing the egg with your fingers to open it.

I’m gently squeezing the egg with my fingers to open it.

Je serre doucement l’œuf avec mes doigts pour l’ouvrir.

Je serre l’œuf avec mes doigts pour l’ouvrir.

Step 4: Placing the beads in the egg

Let’s put the pink beads in the pink eggs.

Mettons les perles roses dans les œufs roses.

Step 5: Closing the egg.

Now, I’m closing the egg.

Maintenant, je ferme l’œuf.

Step 6: Shaking the egg.

Do you want to shake the egg?

Tu veux secouer l’œuf?

What a beautiful sound!

Quel beau son!

Then, invite them to try it out.

easter craft for kids
Closing the pink egg


Not only did my daughter enjoy the activity, but she was also proud of the shakers she made. She had a lot of fun playing with them, especially rolling them down the slides and listening to the sound they made.

If you have a balance board or slide, you can encourage your kids to see what happens when they roll the eggs down different surfaces.

Do you have a favourite Easter craft for kids?

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