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Learning French while on vacation

vacation in french

If you’re planning a getaway with young kids, involving them at various stages of the process will not only get them excited about their upcoming trip, but can make them appreciate the trip even more. It is also the perfect opportunity to learn and practice French vacation vocabulary.

What’s vacation in French?

Vacation in French is les vacances (feminine).

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Let’s face it; packing is no fun… unless you’re a three-year-old! My mom recently gifted my daughter, Surya, her own carry-on suitcase, and she was so excited to pack for our trip to Mexico.

To pack – faire ses valises

We talked about what she would need, and she happily put the essentials in her suitcase. Mommy took care of the rest.

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Swimsuit – un maillot de bain

T-shirt – un tee-shirt

Shorts – un short

Sandals – des sandales (feminine)

Sunglasses – des lunettes de soleil (feminine)

Floaters – des flotteurs (masculine)

Sunscreen – un écran solaire

Hat – un chapeau

At the airport

Surya was curious about all the procedures and rules of the airport. While she could not participate much, she got to practice hearing and using French airport vocabulary.

Here is a great book about airplanes for little ones.

Airplane: un avion

Airport: un aéroport

Passport: un passeport

Boarding pass: une carte d’embarquement

Boarding gate: une porte d’embarquement

In the plane

My daughter had great fun putting on her seatbelt and waiting for the plane to take off! During the rest of the journey, I’m glad we brought her Amazon tablet to keep her entertained.

Takeoff – le décollage

Seatbelt – la ceinture de sécurité

Tray table – la tablette

Landing – l’atterrissage (masculine)

At the hotel

Once at your hotel, you can assign a specific drawer to your child, and they can put their things away.

To unpack – défaire ses valises

To put things away – ranger

Hotel – un hôtel

Pool – une piscine

Beach – une plage

Beach towel – une serviette de plage

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