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Teach toddlers French while doing laundry together

teach toddlers french laundry

Does your child love to help out with laundry? Mine loves getting involved with different tasks: sorting clothes, carrying the laundry basket, transferring clothes to the washing mashing, opening and closing the door, starting the cycle, and even folding! This tedious chore is a fun game for her, so I use this opportunity to practice French laundry-related vocabulary and expressions with her. Here are a few ways you can teach toddlers French while doing laundry together.

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What is laundry in French? Laundry is la lessive and to do laundry is faire la lessive.

French laundry vocabulary and tasks for kids

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Clothes – le linge, les vêtements

le linge
les vêtements

Laundry basket – la corbeille à linge, le panier à linge

la corbeille à linge
le panier à linge

Sorting clothes

Sorting clothes, what seems like a tedious chore for us, is a surprisingly fun activity for kids. You can ask your toddler to pile clothes by colour, by owner, or by type of fabric or clothes; the learning possibilities are numerous.

To sort clothes – trier le linge, séparer les vêtements

trier le linge
séparer les vêtements

Washing machine – le lave-linge, la machine à laver

le lave-linge
la machine à laver

Loading the washing machine

If you have a front-loading machine, you can supervise your child as they load the washer. For top-loading machines, your little helper can hand you clothes as you load the washing machine. Teamwork!

To load the washing machine – charger le lave-linge, remplir la machine à laver

charger le lave-linge
remplir la machine à laver

Pouring detergent

Depending on their age, you may ask them to help pour detergent or you can talk to them about the task as you complete it.

Detergent – le détergent, la lessive

Pour detergent – verser du détergent

Pressing buttons

Is there anything more fun than pressing buttons? Laundry does offer a multitude of button pressing perks that kids enjoy: choosing the cycle to the temperature, and finally pressing “start”!

To press the button – appuyer sur le bouton

Wash cycle – le cycle de lavage, le programme de lavage

le cycle de lavage
le programme de lavage

Wash temperature – la température de lavage

Start/Stop – marche/arrêt

I hope you enjoy teaching your toddler French while doing the laundry!

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