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Summer fruits in French – Fruits d’été

summer fruits in french

While there’s a lot to love about the other seasons, most of us have a soft spot for summer! Not only is summer the season of beachside fun, barbecues, and ice cream, it is also a time when the sweetest, most delicious fruits are abundant. If you’re teaching your child French, this is a great time to discover seasonal fruits in French.

What’s “fruit” in French? “Fruit” in French is fruit, but although the spelling is identical, the pronunciation differs greatly.

un fruit

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Here are the most common fruits that can be found at our local growers during the summer season.

Strawberry – une fraise

Raspberry – une framboise

Cherry – une cerise

Blackberry – une mûre

Blueberry – un bleuet, une myrtille

What’s blueberry in French? In Québec, blueberries are called bleuets in French while in France, the term myrtilles is more common. However, there are differences between the two.

un bleuet
une myrtille

Peach – une pêche

Apricot – un abricot

Plum – une prune

To eat in French

While the verb “to eat” in French is manger, sweet summer produce calls for vocabulary that is more varied and rich, don’t you think? So here are a few verbs to introduce to your child as you gorge on nature’s candy.

Manger – to eat

Déguster – to taste

Goûter – to try, to taste

Savourer – to enjoy, to relish

Dévorer – to devour

Croquer – to bite (something crunchy)

Se gaver (de) – to gorge on something

Consommer – to consume

Describing fruits in French

Fruits are a feast for all the senses, so in addition to describing their taste, you can discuss their colour, aroma, shape, texture, and even sound with your child.

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Here are some fun ideas to explore:

  • Put different fruits in an opaque bag and get your child to guess the fruit name in French based on its shape, texture, and smell.
  • Cut up bite-sized pieces of fruit and ask your petit chou to guess the French fruit name based on its taste.
  • Put a basket of various fruit in front of you and play I Spy in French.

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