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Learning about bunnies in French at Easter time

bunnies in french

Easter is an exciting time for our little ones to learn about bunnies in French, with the help of some delicious chocolate bunnies, a creative easter activity, and a cute French song for kids.

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What is bunny in French? Bunny in French is lapin (m.)

While the masculine word, lapin, is used to refer to both the buck and rabbits in general, the female rabbit, or doe, is called une lapine.

What is a baby rabbit in French? A kit in French is un lapereau.

How do you eat your chocolate bunny?

Teach your petit lapin the external anatomy of rabbits with their chocolate bunny!

Ears – les oreilles (f.)

Back – le dos

Tail – la queue

Feet – les pattes

Muzzle – le museau

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Bunny cutout painting for toddlers and preschoolers

This Easter bunny art activity worked for both my 2-year-old and 4.5-year-old, and it took just a few supplies and very little time to prepare.

Using scissors, I cut out the shape of a bunny. I placed the cutout on top of another sheet of paper and taped both onto the table. I provided my kids with paint, brushes, and glitter glue, and let them unleash their creativity. When they finished, we gently removed the stencil to reveal the beautiful Easter bunny they had painted onto the bottom sheet of paper!

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Le lapin de pâques French lullaby

Not only does this French comptine contain a lot of French Easter vocabulary for kids, but it also is a great movement song. Let your little bunny hop, hop, hop to the song to burn off some of that chocolate!

Le lapin de pâques saute, saute, saute,
Le lapin de pâques est dans le jardin
Qu’a -t -il donc caché
dans un coin du verger ?
Un bel œuf tout blanc
blanc blanc blanc et rose
un bel œuf tout blanc
au ruban d’argent
Qui va le trouver
dans un coin du verger ?
C’ est toi bel enfant
aux joues blanches et roses,
c’est toi bel enfant
Tu seras content.
The Easter bunny hops, hops, hops,
The easter bunny is in the garden
What did he hide
in a corner of the orchard?
A beautiful white egg
white white white and pink
a beautiful white egg
with silver ribbon
who will find it
in a corner of the orchard?
You are beautiful child
with white and rosy cheeks,
you are beautiful child
You will be happy.

If you’re also interested in some French Easter books, here are some to consider borrowing from your library or purchasing for your collection at home.

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