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French food vocabulary for babies and toddlers

Mealtimes are great for fostering communication between you and your child. Naming the foods that are on the menu will help them learn French food vocabulary from an early age, regardless of whether they are able to vocalize the words at their stage.

You can keep it short by presenting the food and saying the word out loud. You can also incorporate the word in a short sentence.


« Des fraises ! »

des fraises

“Do you want strawberries?”

« Tu veux des fraises ? »

Tu veux des fraises ?

You also describe the food on their plate using descriptive words to focus on the colour or taste.

“Yum, the strawberries are yummy.”

« Miam, c’est bon les fraises ! »

Miam, c’est bon les fraises !

French food vocabulary: milk, milk, and more milk

to nurse (breast feed) – allaiter, téter le sein

téter le sein

to bottle feed – donner le biberon

donner le biberon

milk – du lait

du lait

breastmilk – le lait maternel

le lait maternel

infant formula – le lait pour nourissons, le lait maternisé, la préparation pour nourrissons

le lait pour nourissons
le lait maternisé
la préparation pour nourrissons

French food vocabulary: solids

french food vocabulary - pureed veggies

pureed vegetable – une purée

une purée
french food vocabulary - pureed fruit

pureed fruit – une compote

une compote
french food vocabulary - yogurt

yogurt – le yaourt

le yaourt
french food vocabulary - chicken

chicken – du poulet

du poulet
french food vocabulary - pureed fish

fish – du poisson

du poisson

meat – de la viande

de la viande
french food vocabulary - pureed bread

bread – du pain

du pain
french food vocabulary - pureed cereal

cereal – des céréales

des céréales
french food vocabulary - pureed eggs

eggs – des oeufs

des oeufs
french food vocabulary - pureed biscuit

biscuit – un biscuit

french food vocabulary - pureed water

water – de l’eau

de l’eau
french food vocabulary - pureed juice

fruit juice – du jus de fruits

du jus de fruits


When preparing meals and snacks for our daughter, we make an effort to point out whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She has a general idea that breakfast is the first meal she eats when she wakes up in the morning. She also knows that she can ask for a snack at any time of the day when she’s feeling hungry. While she still gets confused between lunch and dinner, we can tell that it’s slowly starting to make sense to her.

breakfast – le petit déjeuner

le petit déjeuner

lunch – le déjeuner

le déjeuner

dinner – le dîner

le dîner

afternoon snack – le goûter

le goûter

How do you encourage communication with your child at mealtimes? Share your tips in the comments below.

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