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Learn French transition words while making breakfast

What does your family have for breakfast every day? We tend to switch things up regularly since Surya likes variety. Regardless of what’s on the menu, she loves to give us a hand making breakfast and will sometimes want to do everything herself. Food preparation is a great way to learn French transition words, along with food-related nouns and verbs as a family.

Here’s a simple breakfast that our two-year-old daughter is able to put together herself (once we portion out the ingredients). It’s a great way to introduce and practice French vocabulary at home and spend quality time together in the morning. Feel free to substitute items to suit your child’s taste.

What is breakfast in French?

Breakfast in French is petit-déjeuner, often shortened to petit-déj.

le petit-déjeuner

In Québec, breakfast is déjeuner while this term refers to lunch in most other parts of the French speaking world.

le déjeuner

Ingredients – les ingrédients

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les ingrédients
Cerealles céréales
Milkle lait
Blueberriesles bleuets
Raisinsles raisins secs
Sunflower seedsles graines de tournesol

French transition words in a recipe

Since this simple recipe only involves a few steps, we also focused on transition words to bring Surya’s attention to the sequence of steps to follow.

Firsttout d’abord


Steps – les étapes

les étapes

First, we put the cereal in the bowl.

Tout d’abord, on met les céreales dans le bol.

In our case, we used one Weetabix biscuit.

french transition words - ensuite

Now, we slowly pour the milk.

Maintenant, on verse le lait lentement.

In our case, we used one Weetabix biscuit.

french transition words - ensuite

Then, we add the blueberries.

Ensuite, nous ajoutons les bleuets.

Since blueberry season is over, we opted for frozen blueberries (des bleuets surgelés/congelés).

You can choose to add other fruits such as strawberries, bananas, raspberries, etc.).

french transition words - puis

Then, the raisins.

Puis, les raisins secs.

And finally, the sunflower seeds.

Et enfin, les graines de tournesol.

Bon appétit!

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