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Five ways to teach children French at Christmas

teach children french at Christmas

If you’re looking for fun ways to teach children French this Christmas, here are five ideas on how you can incorporate French into your Christmas traditions.

Play French Christmas songs

Did you know that many of the traditional Christmas songs that you’re used to listening to in English have a French equivalent? While the songs don’t always have the exact translations, the familiar tunes will surely put your family in the festive spirit.

  • Jingle Bells in French: Vive le vent
  • O Christmas Tree in French: Mon beau sapin
  • Silent Night in French: Douce nuit, sainte nuit

There are also many classic French Christmas songs to discover together during the holiday season.

You can access many French Christmas playlists on your favourite music streaming service or go old school, with a CD.

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Decorate the tree to practice Christmas vocabulary in French

Decorating the tree is a great time to practice Christmas-related vocabulary with kids. Check out this blog post for an introduction to French Christmas vocabulary for kids.

Since decorating the tree is a sequential activity, it’s also a convenient opportunity to practice French transition words such as first, now, then, finally, etc.

Practice numbers in French with an advent calendar

Practicing counting in French is much more exciting when you’re also counting down the days till Christmas.

Plus, having a bit of chocolate as an extra incentive makes it a tad sweeter!

Read French Christmas books together

Start a new tradition of reading French Christmas books together. There are many excellent books to choose from, for all ages and levels. We love enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and getting cosy while reading a Christmas book together. Our favourite book this year is the delightful story of when Santa was a baby: Quand Le Père Noël Était Petit.

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Practice French while baking Christmas cookies together

Kids love getting involved in the kitchen, so enlisting their help for Christmas time baking is a no-brainer (at least in our household). This convivial activity is a great opportunity to practice French while making precious memories.

You can use your own family cookie recipe or click here for an easy recipe with step-by-step instructions in English and French.

What are your favourite ways to teach children French at Christmastime?

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